‘Make It Stand Up Like…’: Netizens React To ‘Creepy’ Humanoid Robot Unveiled By Boston Dynamics

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Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The company shared the new robot’s video on X and said ‘we promise this is not a person in a bodysuit’. (Image: X/@BostonDynamics)

This version of Atlas will be “stronger, with a broader range of motion than” any of its previous versions, the company said

In this fast-growing world, where robotic technology is also becoming a part of people’s lives at a similar pace, American engineering and robotics company Boston Dynamics unveiled the next generation of its humanoid Atlas robot on Wednesday.

“The next generation of the Atlas program builds on decades of research and furthers our commitment to delivering the most capable, useful mobile robots solving the toughest challenges in industry today: with Spot, with Stretch and now with Atlas,” Boston Dynamics said.

It said that in the months and years ahead, it’ll show “what the world’s most dynamic humanoid robot can really do,” not just in the lab, but in the factory and in people’s lives.

This version of Atlas will be “stronger, with a broader range of motion than” any of its previous versions. In one of the demonstration videos on Boston Dynamics’ website, it can be seen that the previous generation, hydraulic Atlas robot could heavy lift and move a wide range of objects.

Collaborating with Hyundai, it will “test and iterate Atlas applications over the next few years”.

Sharing a video of the new robot on X, Boston Dynamics wrote, “We promise this is not a person in a bodysuit.”

In the video, the robot can be seen folding its knees over its body and gets up, the view looks like one straight out of a horror sci-fi movie. Then it stands up, twists itself 180 degrees and walks near to the camera, then walks away.

Reacting to the company’s new post about the robot, netizens expressed their thoughts in multiple ways. One of the users wrote, “BD: ‘we need to make it look friendly and humanoid’. Also BD: ‘make it stand up like he needs an exorcism’.”

“You guys need to rewatch terminator,” another user wrote referring to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie. One other user wrote, “Might not be a person in a suit but it still looks creepy.”

Another person wrote, “Someone has been watching a lot of #LostInSpace at @BostonDynamic.”

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