Samsung Orders Employees To Work 6 Days A Week To Battle Its Market Position

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Samsung is asking its executives to work longer in a week. Here’s the reason

Samsung is facing economic pressure in its home market which requires additional work hours from its executive-level employees.

Samsung is facing a slower economy than usual which has prompted the South Korean giant to tweak its strategy and one of them includes making its employees work longer and harder. The company is making its executives work six days in a way, which includes working on either Saturday or Sunday based on their manager’s demands.

The South Korean economy is facing tough conditions which includes falling currency value and overall economic slowdown which has resulted in lower than expected financial results for Samsung. Working six days in a week is not uncommon for companies in the region but even then, the changing working demands show the precious position of the market and Samsung is mostly ordering its executive-level employees to handle the extra load, while those who rank lower than the executives will continue with the regular five-day work week.

It is interesting to see companies resort to making their executives work longer, which they deem enough to get their business growing once again. People will surely have their reasons to avoid such measures, especially when it puts them at risk of burnout without any proper incentive from their employers.

In other major Samsung news this month, the company has extended support for the free screen replacement if you have any of the Galaxy S21 series or the S22 series phones and are facing the green line issue on the phone’s display. The company is giving you the time till April 30, which is close to a week, to avail the free screen replacement offer that has been extended to these models.

The company has been riddled with the same issue on the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 models as well. So, the best way to fix the problem is to extend the free screen change for the out-of-warranty devices, including these new Galaxy S-series phones.

There is no clear reason as to why these green lines appear on the display but we have seen brands like OnePlus and Samsung come out and take charge of the issue and keep its customers happy.

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