Republic Day 2024 Foods: 5 Regional Tricolour Dishes to Paint Your Plate Patriotic on January 26

Published By: Nibandh Vinod

Last Updated: January 26, 2024, 06:00 IST

Republic Day 2024: A look at some regional tricolour dishes you can try on January 26. (Images: Shutterstock)

Republic Day 2024 Foods: If you have nothing planned for the R-day, try your hand at making some easy dishes that not only taste good but also invoke the cultural significance of the day.

REPUBLIC DAY 2024: Celebrations and food go hand in hand. A wholesome spread can make or break your party. Agree? After all, we all have a foodie inside us who wants to serve the best of bests when hosting a get-together for friends and family. With each festival and occasion, the presentation of food items see a change. From diya-shaped sweets during Diwali to colour rasmalai to celebrate Holi, foodies are spoilt for choices. And, the feeling stands true for Republic Day. People come under one roof to celebrate the day and remember the leaders who have contributed to framing the Constitution of India.

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If you have nothing planned for the day, try your hand at making some easy dishes that not only taste good but also invoke the cultural significance of the day. Here are some regional tricolour dishes you can try:

Tiranga Idli

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To give idli the tri-colour twist, split the batter and add spinach and carrot puree into two halves separately to produce saffron and green idli. Top the dish with the saffron idli, then the white idli, and finally the green idli, and serve it to your family and friends.

Tiranga Pulao

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A much-loved dish all across India is made of three equal parts of cooked rice. Colour the first part with saffron food colouring and place it in the serving dish. Then combine the curd and the second part is ready. In the third part, mix the coriander chutney extract. Finish the dish with toasted cumin or a clove in the centre.

Tricolour Dhokla

Indulge yourself in a reimagined version of the iconic Gujarati delight. While the traditional dhokla is made of gram flour, this special version includes semolina and curd. The fluffy, spongy delicacy filled with saffron, white, and green hues suits well with the theme of Republic Day and is delectable to eat.

Tricolour Barfi

A simple and hassle-free approach to creating the classic South Indian coconut burfi recipe. It is an excellent Indian dessert recipe that can be prepared quickly for any event or celebration. Add food colouring to the mixture and layer them accordingly to make the ideal tricolour dessert for Republic day.

Tricolour dumplings

Dumplings are quite a staple in the Himalayan range and are loved by people all across the country. To make Republic Day-special dumplings, you can prepare the stuffing with finely chopped vegetables like cabbage, carrot, etc. The exterior layer is made up of three colours – saffron with carrots, green from spinach, and refined flour is used as is for the white ones.

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