Paul McCartney shares his favourite Beatles song to perform live on tour | Music | Entertainment

After a busy year, Sir Paul McCartney sat down to answer 23 fan questions on his official website.

Asked what his highlight of 2023 was, the 81-year-old didn’t hesitate to say: “The GOT BACK tour!”

As for what is his favourite song to play live on his solo tour, which has been to Oceania, Mexico and South America this year, he chose a Beatles classic.

He replied: “Probably Hey Jude, just to see all those thousands of people singing in harmony with each other.”

Admitting that his favourite does “vary” from time to time, he’s certainly not short of choices.

Another fan asked: “Would you ever release a soundcheck album featuring some of the covers you do before the live show?”

McCartney replied: “It’s a thought! We have the ‘jams’ – we always start the soundcheck with a made-up piece, and there’s a lot of them. So, we might go through those and do something someday.”

Check out the full list of questions here.

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