OnePlus Could Soon Launch Its Own Premium Flip Phone Like Oppo: What We Know

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OnePlus is likely to take Oppo’s help to makes its own flip phone

OnePlus launched its first foldable Open product last year and now we might see an Oppo-like flip Android phone from the company as well.

OnePlus entered the foldable segment with the Open last year and soon we could see a flip model from the company as well. New reports this week point to OnePlus making the logical step forward in the foldable arena and bringing a flip premium phone gives it that additional firepower to rival other brands.

Oppo and OnePlus share their resources, including some products that are rebadged as OnePlus products for Oppo in other markets. Oppo Find N3 Flip is the flip phone that could be the reference design for OnePlus to make its own flip phone.

The report also points out that OnePlus will be offering telephoto and macro sensors on this supposed flip phone which means it will be positioned in a similar category as the Find N3 Flip model. You can expect the rumoured flip phone from OnePlus to be priced around Rs 90,000 when it launches.

OnePlus will be looking to compete with Samsung and Motorola to have their own flip models in the market. OnePlus has changed its strategy over the years and its association with Oppo gives it more resources to battle in the market.

Soon, you will see OnePlus and Oppo phones powered by Google’s Gemini AI model. OnePlus and Oppo phones will benefit from the Gemini AI features like news summary, audio summary, AI toolbox and lots more. It is likely that Google could add the support for Circle to Search on OnePlus and Oppo phones as well.

Smartphones are powered by AI-centric SoCs these days, especially the mid-range and premium models that can support numerous AI features and it is time for more people to get a taste of these AI features that can no longer be limited to the premium folks.

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