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Speaking to Guldemond is fascinating. It’s profoundly easy to open up to him. Before long, I felt as if I were the one being interviewed. We chit-chatted about our lives, and I was struck by how happy he was to delve into the fringes of his deepened psyche with a stranger. “Life is short and life is good,” he shrugged. “It’s awe-inspiring. You know, whether or not you’re going through a good or hard time… to be here is absolutely fascinating. And awe-inspiring.”

Although Guldemond has been travelling the world and playing music to the masses for decades, he admitted that we as people, inherently, “miss out” on a lot of the finer moments because we “get too tied into the script of our life”. He went on: “A good way to snap out of that is just to think about dying really – things sparkle a little more when you realise it’s all gonna vanish one day.”

This is why the musician has worked so hard to write good, heartfelt music that will “nest in the heart of someone”. Branding all music “medicine”, he noted the beauty of the process is what keeps him from getting jaded with the music industry after so many years.

“It’s helpful to have at least one facet of this job that really fulfils you,” Guldemond mused. “And, for me, that is the writing process. I still wake up every day, very giddy about creating a new song. It’s the one area of life where I feel like I’ve touched that transcendental flow state… and that’s a rare thing. Where time evaporates, and all of a sudden, the day is gone. And you have any and you’re happier than you’ve ever been.”

“Yeah… that’s extremely rare. Sure, there’s really uninteresting and disenchanting aspects to the music industry – and lots of opportunity to become jaded – but if that stuff facilitates this place of deep fulfilment, it’s so well worth it.”

Mother Mother just released their new single Nobody Escapes. Listen here.

Mother Mother – Grief Chapter comes out February 16, 2024. Buy it here.

The rockers will be going on tour in the UK and Ireland in February and March, you can buy tickets here.

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