iPhone Users Facing Call And Internet Issues After Installing This iOS 17 Update

Last Updated: January 02, 2024, 08:00 IST

iOS 17.2.1 update was issued recently which seems to have brought more problems

Apple issued a new iOS 17 update recently to patch some security concerns but it seems the version has brought new problems.

Apple recently issued an emergency iOS 17 update for iPhone users which seems to have brought problems for the owners. Some people have reached out to the company via its Community forum complaining about call network and internet issues with their iPhones after they installed the iOS 17.2.1 update.

Some of them claim to have tried multiple things to make their iPhones receive better call reception, which includes changing their SIM cards. While some users point out that the mobile signal has all the bars but still their internet connection is slow.

These issues are generally related to the hardware antenna but since the problem has started with the new iOS 17 update, it is possible that some of the connectivity features were affecting the actual functioning of these components.

It is likely that once Apple understands or even registers these problems, it will work on a quick fix, which could be another software patch for these iPhone users. In addition to the call and data problems, some iPhone users also believe their phone’s battery life has started draining faster, which tends to happen when a device heats up abnormally. Any kind of instability in the connectivity can severely push the antenna on the iPhone, which then chugs more juice out of the device.

All these issues bring another concern about these updates that is linked to their actual value. Because if people see more of these supposed patches meant to improve things, worsen it further, they will be hesitant to install them in the future, even if the company says it is important that they install the update right away.

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