Her Big Eyes Looked Up At Him And He Saw In Her ‘The Dog She’s Meant To Be’

Tilly, a sick and abandoned puppy, was found with a bloated belly and missing fur. Her big, beautiful eyes pleaded for Aaron’s help. Aaron, realizing that Tilly had been dumped and needed assistance, took her to the vet. The drive to the vet was difficult, but it was confirmed that Tilly was very sick. Despite her condition, the vet assured Aaron that Tilly could get better with proper care and treatment.


“You’re gonna be the prettiest dog in Bali, aren’t you?” Aaron told Tilly. After a week-long stay at the animal hospital, Aaron took her home to begin her recovery journey. Tilly seemed to understand that she was in a safe place where she would get better. Her rescuer had a list of tasks to help Tilly recover, including giving her regular medicated baths. Although Tilly was not a fan of the water, she eventually understood that the baths were for her benefit.


As the days went by, Tilly’s condition improved. She gained more energy, her skin got better, and she began to flourish into a beautiful brown dog. Her transformation was so remarkable that she became unrecognizable from the sick puppy she once was. Tilly’s happiness was evident as she continued to recover.

After three months, it was time for Tilly to go to her new adoptive home. Aaron was sad to see her go but was also thrilled, knowing Tilly was going to a loving family that would cherish her. Tilly’s story had come full circle, and she could finally enjoy the rest of her life in a caring home.


Seeing Tilly go from a discarded, sickly dog to a happy, healthy, and beautiful pet was an incredible transformation. Her appearance now matched her vibrant personality, and she was finally able to live the life she deserved. Thank you, Aaron, for rescuing Tilly. Because of animal lovers like you, the world is a better place!

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