Guy Goes Into Dank Shed, Finds Dog Living Inside Hiding A Single Pup

Rescuers were called in when a concerned citizen heard a dog barking incessantly. Her distressing cries echoed through the neighborhood. When a man and woman arrived to help, they followed the dog’s barks to a dank shed on a nearby property. Upon opening the shed door, they were met with discarded clothes and garbage strewn on the floor, as well as an overwhelming stench. The poor girl laid near the wall, curled up in a ball to keep warm. As the rescuers approached, they noticed something between her legs.


The dog, later named Theo, was guarding something precious: one tiny baby. The man and woman were unsure if this was the only puppy she had given birth to or if the other pups had perished. Amazingly, Theo wagged her tail, happy to see that help arrived. Her past did not affect her love for humans. The man soothingly spoke to her and told her everything was going to be okay.


They put Theo and her baby in the car and headed to the rescue center. The mama dog seemed to understand that she was now safe. After a thorough check-up, bath, and a good brushing, Theo was ready to snuggle with her puppy, who also received a clean bill of health. The puppy was soon adopted when she was old enough, and Theo went to her foster home.


Theo’s foster mom fell head over heels in love with the resilient dog and adopted her right away. In the video, Theo’s mom boasts about how they went on an hour-long walk and had a great time. It’s obvious that Theo is living her best life thanks to her rescuers and new mom. From a dirty shed to sleeping soundly on her new mom’s bed, Theo’s rags-to-riches story is exactly what you need to brighten your day!

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