Glamorous Mane Moments: 9 Trending Hairstyles for Wedding Season

Kavya opted for curls and she left her hair open.

As the enchanting wedding season unfolds, the focus shifts to the latest trends in bridal hairstyling.

Wedding season is here and we know you have received innumerable invites and your dresses are ready but hairstyles are a pain, aren’t they? Bun, open hair or a plait? Which one is going to look fashionable this time? Don’t worry. As the enchanting wedding season unfolds, the focus shifts to the latest trends in bridal hairstyling.

Jitendra Sharma, Founder & CEO of HairOriginals, and Vinod Kumar, Label.m Ambassador and Head of Education, Toni&Guy break down the hair care trends for this wedding season:

  1. Revolutionizing Bridal Hairstyling:The contemporary approach to wedding hairstyles has been transformed by the introduction of hair extensions, wigs, and toppers. These innovations offer a personalized touch, making every moment picture-perfect for brides, grooms, and their families.
  2. Bridal Elegance with Hair Extensions:For brides, the cornerstone of this styling trend lies in the use of hair extensions. This versatile accessory enables experimentation with various styles, from lush romantic curls to elegant sophisticated updos. Hair extensions add volume and length, allowing brides to sport dreamy hairstyles that complement their wedding attire and makeup. A notable trend involves the integration of subtly colored extensions, infusing a pop of color into traditional styles.
  3. Wigs and Toppers: Transformative Choices:Wigs and toppers have gained popularity, offering a significant transformation without the commitment of altering natural hair. Brides opt for wigs to flaunt entirely new looks, experimenting with different styles or hair colors. Toppers, on the other hand, are perfect for adding volume to specific areas, ideal for achieving fuller-looking updos or half-up styles.
  4. Beyond the Bride:This hair trend extends beyond the bride, with grooms finding ways to incorporate scalp toppers, root covers, and wigs, ensuring they look their best on the big day. Even family members are embracing natural hair extensions to enhance their looks, choosing from a range of extensions and wigs to suit various styles.
  5. Celebrating Versatility and Individuality:The wedding season is all about embracing versatility and celebrating personal expression through hair. The use of natural hair extensions, wigs, and scalp toppers is not just a trend but a means to celebrate individuality and style. Each special occasion becomes an opportunity to showcase unique and glamorous mane moments.
  6. A Stylish Perspective:Kumar encourages individuals to embrace the magic of ‘Glamorous Mane Moments’ as they step into the enchanting realm of wedding season. He emphasizes that the journey down the aisle deserves a crown of elegance, advocating for trending hairstyles that speak volumes about one’s style and personality.
  7. Timeless Styles for Every Bride:In the symphony of wedding bells, brides can choose from a plethora of timeless styles. Classic updos, romantic chignons, cascading waves, and bohemian braided crowns offer diverse choices that echo sophistication and charm. Loose curls capture an effortless charm for free spirits, embodying a sense of whimsy that complements the joyous celebration.
  8. Celebrating Individuality:Kumar reminds individuals that hairstyles are not just reflections of fashion but narratives of individuality. The canvas of possibilities includes vintage glamour with finger waves or the bold statement of a sleek low ponytail. Cultural influences are encouraged, with intricate accessories such as floral embellishments or heirloom jewelry adding a personal touch that honors heritage.
  9. The Perfect Exclamation Point:As brides walk down the aisle, their glamorous manes become the exclamation point to the chapter of their singlehood and the prelude to the adventure of a lifetime. In the grand tapestry of weddings, hairstyles are the brushstrokes that paint the perfect picture of the ‘I do’ moment, celebrating diversity, culture, and individuality.

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