Elvis had women’s toenails vetted by his Memphis Mafia before meeting them | Music | Entertainment

As one of the most famous people in the world, Elvis Presley lived as normal a life as possible within the grounds of his Graceland mansion.

However, like other megastars including Michael Jackson who would marry his daughter Lisa Marie, The King developed some eccentric habits.

Aside from long periods of eating the same food over and over again until he got bored, Elvis was also a germaphobe.

His ex-wife Priscilla Presley claims he didn’t like eating at other people’s homes as he didn’t want to use someone else’s cutlery.

Similarly, he would drink a mug from the handle, knowing that no one else drank from that side.

It should come as little surprise then that dirt was not something Elvis tolerated in the many women he dated and sometimes had them checked out for cleanliness before meeting them.

During a recent Q&A on the Elvis Fans Matter YouTube channel with The King’s cousin Billy Smith and his Memphis Mafia wife, this very subject came up.

Jo Smith, who worked for the star too, was asked: “Is it true that you had to look at women’s feet for Elvis?”

The Memphis Mafia wife replied: “A lot of times Elvis was real ticky about the way somebody’s toenails and fingernails [were] and…[their] cleanliness. And sometimes if somebody came up he’d ask me to check them out and see what I thought and be sure to look, if they had sandals on or something, and check out their toenails.”

Her granddaughter who was hosting the Q&A said: “That’s so crazy. So they weren’t grungy?” Jo replied: “That’s true. [I wasn’t asked to do this] every time [though], not all the time.”

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