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After that, Daniel disappeared from Hollywood, choosing a life away from the spotlight.

Now 31, Daniel attended Yale University and graduated in 2014 with a degree in Economics.

After university, he became an SAT tutor at Veritas Prep, a company that helps students prepare for graduate school exams.

The company’s website says: “While at Yale, Daniel served as a Teaching Assistant and Peer Tutor in the Department of Computer Science.

“He was also a recipient of the Richard U. Light Fellowship for his studies in Mandarin Chinese language.

“He believes that teaching and learning are expressions of the basic human need for mutual understanding. With this in mind, he works with students to cultivate relationships based in clarity, humour, structure and respect.”

After tutoring for a few years, Daniel became a research fellow at Columbia University. But it seems he’s changed careers again, as he’s now in his second year of studying medicine at Cornell University.

Earlier this year, the Weill Cornell Medicine Clinical and Translational Science Centre (CTSC) announced that Daniel Tay was among their 2023 Summer Fellowship recipients for Medical Students.

“Daniel Tay, BA, will work with Dr Conor Liston primary mentor and Dr Amanda Buch as secondary mentor on Applying machine learning brain-behaviour biomarkers of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to quantify brain-gene-behaviour relationships using existing datasets,” stated the CTSC website.

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