Dog Spun In Circles In His Shelter Kennel For Four Years

Jessica, a high-energy Californian, came across a video of a shelter dog on social media. The poor pup was trapped in a shelter kennel, spinning in circles for four years! For some reason, she just couldn’t get the dog out of her mind, and she knew she had to help him. She realized the dog needed an outlet for his energy, so she adopted him, brought him back to California, and incorporated him into her active lifestyle. She named the dog Boomer, and from the moment she picked him up, it was clear he was excited and ready for a new life.


When they got to their hotel, Boomer immediately jumped on the bed and rolled around. Jessica decided to let him enjoy his newfound freedom and start obedience training the following day. Boomer’s high energy matched Jessica’s perfectly, and she knew that incorporating him into her lifestyle was the right decision. As soon as he was out of the shelter, he became a different dog. He eagerly joined Jessica on walks, and she soon discovered that he loved to run.


Jessica started bringing Boomer along on her skateboarding sessions, bike rides, and runs. As a runner who trains for a half marathon every year, she began taking Boomer on short runs with her and gradually increased the distance until he was fully training alongside her.

Boomer’s energy seemed limitless, even after a 4-mile run. Jessica was amazed by his enthusiasm and stamina, and she knew he was the perfect companion for her active lifestyle. She decided to bring Boomer along for the LA half marathon she participates in every year. Although dogs aren’t technically allowed in the race, she picked up Boomer at mile three, and they completed the race together.


Inspired by Boomer’s transformation, Jessica decided to start a rescue organization in his name. Boomer quickly became a beloved member of her family and got along well with all her other animals. Now, he seems to understand and empathize with the other animals that come into the rescue organization, creating a sense of camaraderie among them.

To celebrate Boomer’s incredible journey, Jessica commemorates the anniversary of his rescue every year. This endearing story proves there’s no such thing as a broken dog. Boomer’s behavior in the shelter turned adopters off, but he only needed to be freed from his cage and run his little heart out.

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