Dog No One Wants Goes To Woman’s House For A Weekend Trial Run

Meet Tuggy, a Pit Bull with an infectious zest for life that has stolen his mom’s heart. In a video shared by his owner, Melissa, Tuggy’s unique personality and boundless enthusiasm are on full display. This lovable Pit Bull has never encountered a stranger he doesn’t like. Whether it’s an animal or a human, his joyful spirit brings happiness and laughter to everyone he meets. Tuggy’s eagerness for life is evident in his every move. Whenever Melissa goes near her purse or the coat closet, Tuggy runs up and down the stairs in anticipation of an outing. He doesn’t want to miss a single opportunity to experience life to the fullest. His adventurous spirit even led him to jump into a police car after hours with another dog, much to the amusement of the officers.


When Tuggy moved into his foster home with Melissa, he had severe cherry eyes in both eyes. Despite his appearance, it was clear that Tuggy was an intelligent and active dog. When Melissa opened the kennel door, Tuggy charged out with excitement, showing his true, playful nature. Once he was home, Melissa bathed him and couldn’t help but laugh at his appearance, describing him as a “little manatee-walrus-hippopotamus.”


Tuggy’s love for life and his ability to make everyone around him laugh is infectious. When someone expressed interest in adopting Tuggy, Melissa knew she couldn’t let him go. Tuggy has since become inseparable from the other dogs in the household, often draping his flaps over their heads, displaying zero personal space. They all melt into adorable piles, creating a beautiful scene that Melissa cherishes daily.


Tuggy’s spirit extends to everyone he meets, and people can’t help but laugh at his antics. As a Pit Bull, albeit a short and squatty one, Tuggy’s presence has been a powerful force in breaking down stereotypes and spreading joy. He has filled a void that Melissa didn’t even know was missing.

In a world where negative news dominates our news feeds, this story is exactly what you need to warm your heart and soul. Tuggy has touched the lives of many, proving that even the most unlikely of dogs can bring happiness to those around them.

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