Couple Taking Out Trash Finds Puppy In Smashed Up Cardboard Box

A couple wasn’t planning on getting a pet, but fate had other plans. One day, they were taking out the trash when they heard whimpers coming from inside a dumpster. Concerned and confused, they walked towards the sound of the cries and peered inside. They saw a cardboard box- its contents would not only break their hearts but also change their lives forever. The couple investigated further and found a tiny puppy balled up inside. He was shivering and afraid. How could anyone be so cruel as to leave a helpless puppy like this?


The couple, Bennett and Ollie, picked the puppy up and decided to bring him home. They named him Bobby, but because he was so small and hopped around like a bunny, they nicknamed him Rabbit. The poor pup was anxious and cowered at sudden sounds and movements. It was obvious he had suffered a trauma that neither Bennett nor Ollie could fully understand. Determined to help Rabbit, the couple did everything they could to prove to him that he was now safe and loved.


After a few weeks, Rabbit blossomed into a more confident dog. He accepted his new life, and his once-broken heart began to mend. He began to grow and thrive. The tiny dog developed into a large dog with an even bigger heart. Bennett and Ollie were totally enamored. Even though they never planned on adopting a dog, Rabbit was the greatest gift they could have ever hoped for!

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