Brian May unveils ‘thorn in Queen’s side for decades’ – ‘We were embarrassed’ | Music | Entertainment

Queen has been active for over 50 years with an incredible back catalogue producing success after success.

However, it hasn’t always been a bed of roses for the band, with one project in their history being called “a thorn in the side of our career” by Sir Brian May this week.

The guitar legend was attending the London BFI IMAX premiere of the Queen Rock Montreal concert movie, which is playing in over 400 IMAX cinemas globally from January 18-21 this week.

During his surprise introduction, the 76-year-old was praising the tech team behind the newly remastered 1981 film, sharing how it was originally released on VHS, but was originally something he, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor and John Deacon were actually pretty “embarrassed about”.

Sir Brian told the audience that was a part of: “For most of our career this was a thorn in our side. It was something that was never right. It was badly mixed; horrible dry sound which sounded terrible. It was badly edited, badly put together.”

The Queen star shared how there were also problems with syncing the sound as there were whole parts where Freddie was singing and it was the wrong part of the song.

Sir Brian said: “It was really something we were embarrassed about. It took months and months of work [to get right]”

On the newly finished (and redeemed) product out in IMAX for this week only, he added: “I can’t tell you what a really wonderful job this is…of rediscovering what it was actually like for us to do this gig. It now feels like you’re there. It didn’t up to this point.”

Queen Rock Montreal is screening in over 400 IMAX cinemas worldwide from January 18-21 and tickets can be booked here.

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