Apple To Bring iPhone 16 Pro With 256GB As Base Model This Year? Here’s What We Know

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Cupertino, California, USA

Apple has offered the Pro Max variant with 256GB but the Pro still comes with 128GB only

Apple has offered the iPhone 15 Pro Max with 25GB as the base storage variant but it is time that both the Pro models get more storage to store photos.

Apple has some big plans for the launch of the iPhone 16 series this year, including some changes that could make people happy. Recently it was mentioned in a report that the iPhone 16 Pro model this year will start with 256GB as the base storage, which might be a welcome move for everyone.

The details come via a sketchy source, which has made people be less confident of Apple making this move with the iPhone 16 Pro series. Having said that, Apple has no reason to launch the premium iPhone 16 models with 128GB as the base storage, especially with all the hardware and camera upgrades that we’re hearing about to come this year. It is funny to see Apple still dole out 128GB storage models for these iPhones, when you have affordable Android phones now offered with 256GB and even 512GB as the only model.

You could say that Apple is offering iPhones with up to 1TB storage and people who need so much space can buy those, but that doesn’t mean the company cannot look forward and see that the market trends have changed as the consumer demands evolve.

We have already seen that most people don’t agree with Apple’s decision to offer 128GB as the base tier. The company came out with an ad recently, where it says 128GB ‘is lot of storage’.

The 30-second clip has a man looking to delete some of his photos from the iPhone to make space for other photos, because he has run out of space (surprise, surprise). But then Apple adds a cheeky message saying, iPhone 15 has “lots of storage for lots of photos.”

You could also say that some iPhone buyers would happily delete photos to make space for new ones, but why not just make 256GB the default iPhone model, and be happy that you can make more money from the consumers? The new rumours bring back those thoughts, and for once, we hope these developments end up being true with Apple finally bucking its stance and offering more for the same.

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