Apple Could Bring New Hearing Mode For AirPods Pro Users With New Update: All Details

Last Updated: March 11, 2024, 15:46 IST

The new iOS update could bring the new mode but only to the Pro users

AirPods Pro only got the USB-C port as the big upgrade with the new launch in 2023 but expect more upgrades on the software side.

AirPods Pro users could get some new features with a new update from Apple as per the latest report from Bloomberg. The company is expected to offer a new hearing mode for these Pro users which will be compatible with the upcoming iOS 18 version for iPhone users.

The report also mentions that the AirPods Pro will not have major hardware changes, but buyers can expect some software additions that could enhance the experience of the device.

AirPods Pro feels like a logical option for Apple to upgrade and expand its health features. Wearing the AirPods makes it easy to use for reading health data through the ears and also use the soundwaves to get other aspects of your health covered and monitored all the way to the iPhone.

It is interesting that the feature upgrade could come with the iOS 18 version and we will know more about the feature during the WWDC 2024 keynote which happens around June every year. The company also has big plans to change the use case of the AirPods, and it could even have a camera built into the device, at least that is what some recent patent filings have suggested.

Apple introduced the new AirPods Pro model during the iPhone 15 series launch in 2023 but the only major upgrade was the USB C port for charging. The company has already started the year with a big MacBook Air refresh, which includes a new 15-inch model.

Apple is also expected to introduce the refreshed iPad Air and Pro lineup for the market in the next few weeks. The next iPhone SE model is expected to borrow its design from the iPhone 14 model, which means the end for the popular home button on the entire iPhone lineup available to consumers.

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