Adoptive family doesn’t show up for dog, then foster mom realizes she was set up

Nicki Clawson embarked on a heartwarming journey as a foster parent when she welcomed a dog named Cookie from NorthWest Boxer Rescue into her home. The experience was filled with care and bonding, culminating in a day that was meant to be bittersweet. It was the day Cookie was scheduled to meet with a family interested in adopting her, marking the end of her time with Nicki. However, in an unexpected twist of events, something peculiar occurred: the prospective adoptive family failed to show up.

This unforeseen development left Nicki and Cookie in a state of uncertainty, altering the course of what was supposed to be a significant day in their fostering journey. This no-show not only brought about unexpected emotions but also opened the door to new possibilities for Cookie’s future.


Image/Story Source Credit: NWBoxerRescue via YouTube Video


She went to look up their number to give them a call, and she couldn’t believe what she saw — it was her own number. That’s when the tears started to fall. It was a trick all along, and the rescue played it out perfectly. What a surprise!

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